Dancing Fingers Music Academy

The Academy offers private and group class for students of all ages and levels. Each course is designed for appropriate age and musical experience. During the course, we teach note reading, technique, rhythm skills, sight reading, music appreciation, ensemble performance and social skills.  After taking our classes, Our students learn how to feel confident along with problem solving skills and an appreciation for music.  

Our Instructors

Our instructors are all professional musicians whom specialized in the field of music education.  all instructor has over 15 years of experience teaching students.  We are very proud to have the best instructors teaching our students. 

Performance oppertunity

To encourage our student to better their performance abilities, we provide quarterly and yearly recitals and evaluation.  Students participate in Master classes with renown Music Educators, and seasonal music festival. For evaluations, we offer music teachers association of california's certificate of merit exam, national guild, ABGSM exam and varies music competitions.


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Private Music Lesson

We offer one on one private lessons for piano, violin, cello, ukalele and giutar. Each lesson plans around our student's goal.  Our insturctors will design and create a path to success.

Group Music Lesson

We organized the classes in 12 weeks sessions. Students and teacher meet once a week for one hour.  Parent attendance in the class is welcomed.  The lessons will cover music reading, techniques, rhythm, sight reading, singing and ensemble playing. These small group classes are a fun way to introduce students to music lesson.

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